The adventure continues on December 9, 2021!

The first community-written
NFT fantasy novel.

Welcome to Elatora.

A world in which spirits and animals once coexisted in peace, until the Ferranians – the spiritless nation – set itself on a mission of eradication. As the Ferranians gain more ground every day and the stability of Elatora is threatened, a hero is needed…

Ronin, the latest incarnation of the Spirit of the Forest, grew up with the Shadewalkers. He was brought to their land at a young age, after an attempt on his life and freedom by the Ferranians. It’s now up to him to reunite the Spirits to bring peace and prosperity back to Elatora.

How it works

Release date & memberships

We write this story together.

The Tales of Ronin begins will be released on December 2. On this date, the first chapter will be published here on the website. This chapter will be free to read or listen to (the audio version will be available soon!) for everyone, also those who don’t own a membership. At the end of chapter 3, membership holders will be able to choose how the story continues.

There are two types of memberships. You can read more about them right here.

From there on...

The adventure will really begin.

After membership holders have decided how the story will continue, the next chapter(s) will be written. As soon as they are done, these will be published on the website. At the end of the then published chapter(s), the membership holders are, again, able to vote on how the story will continue.

That's not all though.

More than just voting.

In our Discord, membership holders are able to discuss, brainstorm and drop their ideas for the story too. If something fits the story well, it might be incorporated – with of course credits due where credits are due. The Discord will also be a fun place where the community can engage and chat about other topics too. There will also be community events, like live brainstorm sessions, movie watch parties, and so on. Positive vibes only.

What else?

Airdrops, a physical book, and lifetime access.

If you get a Tales of Ronin (ToR) membership at the launch, you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access. This is just the first story of Tales of Ronin. You’re getting access to however many stories will follow.
  • Airdrops. With every chapter, at least one unique 1/1 Tales of Ronin artwork will be gifted to one of the members.
  • Physical Book. Once the story is complete, a physical copy of the book will be available for all ToR members. You’ll only have to pay for shipping costs.
  • More cool ideas will be developed overtime together with the community.


Don’t like Discord? Too many chats? No problem. You can also opt-in to simply get an e-mail when a new part of the story is live.

How did Tales of Ronin come to life?

Tales of Ronin is a childhood dream coming to life.

As a young girl, I dreamt of becoming ‘the next J.K. Rowling’. I spend everyday afternoon and vacation writing, drawing and fantasizing about my own dream world. Like many of you, I grew up with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Pokémon.

Between the age of 10 to 13, I wrote 4 fantasy books, ranging from 100 to 400 pages. I was constantly daydreaming. Inspiration came from nature, games, movies and books.

Then I ‘grew up’, and let go of my dream. I continued writing, but now in the form of articles for magazines, poems, and blog posts. The passion I once felt, had faded.

August 2021

I got introduced to NFTs in August, 2021. This immediately reignited the creative spark inside of me. I emerged myself in the community and whilst I did this, the Tales of Ronin began to develop.

Together with talented illustrator Neil Delos Santos, the first images of Ronin were created. I discussed the storyline with friends, asked their feedback, listened to their thoughts, and saw how it kept improving. Hence the Tales of Ronin have been a co-written story from the first moment on. 

I’m excited to now finally launch the first 3 chapters. I cannot wait to see where the community will take the Tales of Ronin. This is our story. Let’s make it the next big story we’ll all remember. The one that we pass on to our children, and to their grandchildren.

Let’s start.


There are two types of memberships.

You are allowed to mint multiple memberships. There are 25 Rare Ronin, and 175 Realm Ronin. That means we’ll be starting with a club of 200 ToR members. More spots will become available in the future.

The Rare Ronin 1/1 artworks can be seen down below. They sold out on December 2, 2021.

The Realm Ronin will go on sale on December 9, 2021.

The Realm Ronin

The Realm Ronin is our first membership. It includes rights to read the Tales of Ronin, to vote on the story, access to the Discord, and other earlier mentioned benefits (like a physical copy of the book).

There will be 175 Realm Ronin memberships at the start. More will be released at a later stage.

The Realm Ronin membership will be available for 0.05Ξ .

The Rare Ronin

These premium memberships include the same benefits as the Realm Ronin memberships, but also give you a special 1/1 artwork AND extra voting power on the story.

Once minting goes live, the first one who gets a Rare Ronin membership, will get to choose which artwork he or she wants. It’s a simple first come – first serve system.

There will be 25 Rare Ronin memberships at the start. More will be released at a later stage.

The Rare Ronin membership will be available for 0.1Ξ .

Rare Ronins - SOLD OUT

Below are the Rare Ronin artworks. All of these were sold out on December 2 within 24 hours of minting.

If you mint a Rare Ronin membership, you got the chance to pick which artwork you want. It was a first come – first serve system.

So the sooner you minted, the more chances of getting the artwork you want!

The Tales of Ronin is a community-written NFT fantasy novel. Holders of a Tales of Ronin NFT get access to the story and are able to vote on the storyline. Tales of Ronin is powered by the Unlock Protocol.