The Umbral Belt

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The Sapped Lands

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The Amaranthine Peaks

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The Wild Growths

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The Radiant Rises

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The Aethereal Deeps

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The Vacant Flats

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The Depraved Marshes

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Welcome to Elatora

A world in which spirits and animals once coexisted in peace, until the Ferranians – the spiritless nation – set itself on a mission of eradication. As the Ferranians gain more ground every day and the stability of Elatora is threatened, a hero is needed…

Ronin, the latest incarnation of the Spirit of Light, grew up with the Shadewalkers. He was brought to their land at a young age, after an attempt on his life and freedom by the Ferranians. It’s now up to him to reunite the Spirits to bring peace and prosperity back to Elatora.


Meet the spirits

Toki no TamashiSpirit of Time

At the beginning, before time itself, the universe bloomed into existence, and Toki no Tamashi, Spirit of Time, was born with it. As the first spirit in Elatora, he created the passing of time.

Kurai DamashiSpirit of Darkness

Just after the soundless explosion that brought Toki no Damashi into existence, the night settled in. Kurai Damashi was born from this darkness and created his land in Elatora: the Umbral Belt.

Hikari DamashiSpirit of Light

One cannot know darkness without knowing light, so shortly after Kurai Damashi, Toki no Tamashi summoned the day, and with that, Hikari Damashi, the Spirit of Light, came to life.

Mori no TamashiSpirit of the Forest

As night and day took their place in Elatora, the planet needed creatures to take care of it. The spirits bundled their forces, and Mori no Tamashi, Spirit of the Forest, was born. Created with one mission: to bring life to Elatora.

Umi DamashiSpirit of the Ocean

The forest and its creatures couldn’t live nor grow without water, and therefore Mori no Tamashi requested for there to be a Spirit of the Ocean, who would shape the rivers, lakes and waters, and who would oversee them all.

Sabaku Damashi Spirit of the Weather

Now that there was a cycle of life, night and day, and breathing creatures, Elatora required a spirit who’d regulate the climate and help each area to flourish. Hence Sabaku Damashi, the Spirit of the Weather was brought forth.

Wa no Tamashi Spirit of Balance

Now that all the spirits were settled into Elatora, they needed balance. A spirit that would preserve peace amongst all of them, consolidate their bonds and mediate in case of trouble. Wa no Tamashi, the Spirit of Balance, was welcomed.