How to mint an Azurian?

Step 1

Bored & Dangerous NFT

There is no whitelist for Azurbala. Instead, you’ll have to obtain a Bored & Dangerous Book on, for example, OpenSea, which later can be burned to get an Azur Root.

Step 2

Azur Root

An Azur Root can be redeemed with the Gods for an Azurian. It is, effectively, your mint pass to an Azurian.

Step 3


An Azur Root can be handed to the Gods in exchange for Azurians. Once the redeeming starts, you can hand in your Azur Root anytime. The window will not open and close, but remain open.

The Azurian Creed

A new adventure awaits
Where every step into The Jungle brings us closer to the unknown
In Azurbala, power is never given, but taken
In Azurbala, never travel alone
In Azurbala, death is only the beginning

Azurbala is a new take on building a franchise
An IP with ambition to disrupt and expand
A jungle punk ethos inspired by the wilds of the digital age
A vision born from the internet and co-created with community
Azurbala embodies an unbreakable mindset: “When you bleed – let it scar”

Azurians forge harmony with the wonders of the universe
Azurians face the mysteries of The Jungle head-on
Azurians rise to meet life’s dangers and struggles
Azurians cultivate relationships that blossom into family
Azurians are the narrative

The Azurian !bala exists within us all
Will you answer The Jungle’s call?


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The Book Burn will happen on [url]. Each Bored & Dangerous Book NFT can be burned in exchange for an Azur Root. The burn will cost 0.08 ETH.


If you waived funs [section here]

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Azurians will be revealed before the Book Burn begins.

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Burn Window Opens: